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    I have on of those nifty rj-tech dvd players And what I do is basically en-code a divx or xvid movie, through it on a dvd or cd-r. And play. The player is capable of mpeg-4 so All I need is a file on a disc, BUT I donít really know the bet resolution to use. If I have a move that is captured from a dvd source or a high resolution source I have no problem using 720x480. Although If my source is vhs low res I'm told its best to capture at 640x480 and not 256x224 do to he scan lines. but If I play a 640x480 on my dvd player, I get what looks like a pal video. Itís black and white and has a horizontal control problem.

    SO... my question is If I capture at 640-480, and encode to divx at 256x224 will I lose quality? I would think so. Or should I use 352x240 (VideoCD NTSC)? I have it working, but not good enough. I just need some understanding or some one with experience or knowledge to talk to.

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    The lower the resolution, the lower the quality of the video. I'd stick with the original res (720x480).

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    I do agree but for a VHS caputered video at 640x480 you recomend 720x480? I guess it will just streath the image so your right its the same thing, but I could get a smaller avi if I go with 352x240. but will I lose quality if my source is VHS ntsc? I know the VHS ntsc is not 720x480. Like I said I'm just looking for some understanding here.

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    Perhaps 720 x 480 is overkill if you source is pants. Maybe go for the SVCD/VCD standard as you said?

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