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    I have a rather extensive project that I've been having issues with rendering, and I've nearly exhausted all my options. It seems to freeze right aroung 14% and the same fram each time. I've tried freeing up space on the hard drive (about 10 gigs worth), keeping the laptop cool as possible, closing any and all other programs, etcetera. Is there anything else that might be wrong? I don't think the video file itself is corrupted; it previews just fine and renders right up to that frame.

    Vegas is working alright with other projects. Just this one is giving me trouble. Is it perhaps overloading with all the files? It is my biggest project, and I've been working from 30-ish source clips.

    Any ideas? This is really frustrating me.

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    10 gigs of space really isnt that much when it comes to video editing - my first guess would be it's a drive space issue.

    Are smaller projects ok? How many hd do you have? What are the source clips - what type of video file?

    I certainly think you need another drive, this may be the problem...

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