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    I am new here. I puchased some 3 years ago a Canon digital camcorder but used it rarely. Recently, after filming and using the play(vcr), I rewound the tape. As I was ejecting the tape (in order to replace it with another) the casset came out without opening the door in order to remove the door. The casset would not go back in either. Whenever I open the door the casset will advance about 2 millimeters then go back 2 millimeters.

    Is this problem common? Can I do something to solve it or should I get it repaired? If so what cost I am i for? Thanks.

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    i don't know if its common, it never happened to me. You can find out how much it will cost, but it must likely willnot be cost effective.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    I had that same problem with a JVC camcorder of mine. It was about six years old. What happened was one of the pieces to pull the tape tight against the head warped over time and broke. I suggest not repairing your camera. There are tons of new cameras out there that are more modern and up to date than your camera would be and it would be cheaper to get a new camera than to repair your old one. Unless you have a special sentimental tie with it, time to move on CANON INC. <-- go to their support page, they may have a repair section if you want to go that route.

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    Thank you Wil and RET80. I went to Canon support page and they had one solution for a cassette not coming out, and suggested to install a fully charged battery and try again. So, instead I hooked the battery charger to the cam corder and it freed itself. Now it works. Thanks.

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