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    I have Sony Vegas and the sony HDR-HC7 , I need to make some music videos of myself playing my songs but the Look is soo digital ,How do I get that Music Video "Look" ?? is the difference because the pros use film?? i just spent so much money and now i still look as cheap as my dads camcorder 15 years ago.

    a hint or trick to this Music video look would be awsome , it just seems that music videos are smoother

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    I think it would be rare to shoot a music video on film. Many will be shot on high end digital with a resoloution and exposure range that can rival film but low budget stuff is often still shot on DV.

    The 'look' is the result of money and high production costs. They will have a whole production team, sets, lighting, make up, lighting and so on...

    But dont despair. If all you need to do is liven up the look of things (pruming you dont want that washed out look or b/w) there are a few things you can try.

    Hve a look at these tutorials on lighting, saturation and colour curves...

    Aslo cut your video close to the beat and / or the mood of the music.

    Include cuts between close ups and shots further away.

    Maybe add a bit of motion blur if you want a more fluid effect.

    I am not really sure what you are after but those tips might help you out a bit.

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    Thanks so much , your awsome. I will study this all and learn .

  4. Default music look

    This guy used filter program called Magic Bullet Filter, for that "film look"

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