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Thread: Sound is good in Adobe, but grates the speakers anywhere else.

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    Default Sound is good in Adobe, but grates the speakers anywhere else.

    I am experiencing yet another frustrating problem. Our movie is finished but an old problem has cropped up in the exporting phase.

    The problem is, sound effects sound perfect in Adobe, but once I export them and play the exported version of the scene the sounds make a horrible grating/farting/static sound in the speakers.

    For instance, watching it on Windows Media Player or Winamp, the sound of a gun firing or someone getting punched just goes PSSSHFHFHFH really loud, like kind of a static or the sound you get when you have too much base and your speakers can't handle it.

    The same goes for watching it on a television.

    The only solution I have come up with is to turn the audio gain down on every single little sound effect, tweaking the volume, etc. exporting it over and over to listen to it in Winamp until it no longer makes that grating sound.

    Needless to say this could take forever since our film has four action scenes.

    Anyone have any advice?

    I also tried exporting with different frequencies that match the sounds but I have too many different frequencies for it to be uniform.

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    Uh oh. No responses yet.

    I've been able to figure out that part of the problem is I'm using multiple bit rates and frequencies.

    ie. Sound effects are mostly at 32000 hz and 44100 hz, which is different than the main video's audio and the songs that are playing. When I export it Adobe gives the option of what mhz to export at, but I can only pick the one. If I export the sounds by themselves at the proper hz then it sounds fine, but together it's all messed up.

    Please help, is there a way to change this?

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    Okay, upon further experimentation I may have found part of the problem.

    I have several audio tracks, up to ten at a time.

    On this particular clip where a gun is firing, I have three lines of audio. The gun fires a total of nine times.

    The audio clips are set up on a staircase like this:

    ...........CLIP CLIP CLIP
    ...........................CLIP CLIP CLIP

    Whenever I export these sounds and play them together from the export the first gunshot is good and the rest are grating and staticy.

    I dragged all six of the bottom clips up to the first audio track so they were overlapping each other like this:


    (You know what I mean.)

    Then, after exporting the sounds are just fine. What the hell is the meaning of this?

    I can't drag all of my sounds up to the top track because some of them are meant to play at the same time, not overlap each other.
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    You haven't actually mentioned what s/w you are using. Presumably Premiere pro. Which version?

    May not matter but it might so you should always state what you are using.

    Not encountered this problem myself so thinking out loud here....

    If all your sound effects are different bitrates then open them in some video editor and convert them all to the same bitrate as your project and try again. Or even better, do you audio editting in an audio editor (Audition?)

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    Thanks, Alan.

    Wow. No one else has this problem? I've had this problem on more than one computer and on every project we've done so far.

    I'm using Adobe Premier Pro v.7.0

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    I'm curious about this one. And no, I've not seen it myself.

    Any chance you could post a zip file somewhere containing a small project file and also a couple fo the sound files. i.e. create a small project maybe with a countdown leader and a few instances of the same sound file so that we can see the problem.

    I want to open the project, export it and see what comes out myself and see if I can't determine what the issue is.

    I'm wondering if you simply have sound files that just don't like being converted to the project bitrate. have you tried conforming them manually and then importing them into your Premiere project?

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    Okay I think you've hit the nail on the head.

    I just spent an hour exporting the video separately from the sound effects, the music separately etc. If I export the sound effects together and use the same setting: 32000hz 16 bit then they import back in just fine. Once I export them with the music (41000hz 16 bit) or the video (48000hz 16 bit) It comes back in messed up again.

    I guess I need to know how to manually change their hz? is there a way to do this inside the program or would I have to do it to every single sound file before importing them in?

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    So it all seems like a distortion effect from increasing the sample rate on the fly then eh?

    Needless to say, you should always get the largest bitrate for audio you can and use that. Always easier (and better) to down sample than to try and upsample and 'invent' details.

    Having said that I do not know of a way of changing the sample rate in Premiere Pro. I have Adobe Audition and can do it in that.

    Where did you source these gunshots from? Invest a few quid in a disk like this. - shorten that long URL into a Tiny URL

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    Ah I knew it was too good to be true.

    I used dBpoweramp to convert much of my sounds and songs into 48000hz 16 bit. I hoped this would fix everything.

    It seems to work just fine until I add music that has been converted to 48000hz then when I import it back in it sucks again.

    Are you saying there might not be any way to fix this? I have to use the bands that have given me music and it's all recorded at 41000hz.

    can I e-mail you an sample of the problem I'm having?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trentsteel View Post
    can I e-mail you an sample of the problem I'm having?
    As I already said. zip an example project up and post it on some webspace somewhere. I'll gladly take a look at it. I don't want my entire inbox filled up with an email that size though.

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