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    Hi, Just wondering, Whats the difference between normal mini dv tapes and Pro quality 63min mini dv tapes. I'm asking because iv just brought some pro mini dv tapes for a holiday and want to know if i will notice any difference.

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    The only main difference from that and a normal miniDV tape is:
    It uses higher output (Linear Plus Technology) (for the SONY tapes...)
    A deeper error rate
    and high linearity.

    So pretty much the professional tapes just advertise robustness. You can record and re-record the hell out of them with somewhat better picture quality than normal consumer grade tapes. Keep in mind, when they say 'superior quality' in recording, it's usually a load of bull because unlike analog tapes like VHS and VHS-C, digital tapes like miniDV record all the same; in 1 and 0's. Hence the reason why they're digital. So you can't get much better quality out of this tape which produces better ones and zeros and the other since they ARE just ones and zeros. Get it, it's a little weird to understand.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm off to Hong Kong and Singapore in a couple of days so the camera is going to be by my side about 100% of the time. I have one of the Panasonic 3CCD cameras. Cost around 300 but if I see something abit better for a cheaper price out there I might snap it up!

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    Very nice camera!
    You're bound to have wonderful footage with that camera.

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