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Thread: vhsc conversion to mini DV

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    Default vhsc conversion to mini DV

    Can anyone offer any advice on how I can record the contents of a vhsc tape onto mini DV format?

    Heres the situation -

    Because I have no other way of capturing vhsc footage onto my computer I thought I should be able to record the contents of the vhsc tape onto Mini DV so I can then capture the tape through firewire from the mini DV onto my G5.

    Only problem is the DV tape (although displays the footage in the finder when I connect the two) wont record the vhsc footage

    I gathered this was beacuse of the analog vs. digital signals but since I could see the vhsc footage on my DV camera I figured there must be a way

    Im tring to avoid copying to vhs tape because of the quality

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

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    looks like you're in the right mode on your mini dv camera.

    You just haven't pushed the correct record button.... There's usally a sepperate record button for capturing from the AV input. Most of the time it's the 'play' button. What miniDV camera are you using for the conversion?

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    Hey Mosh,

    Thanks for replying, the record button im using is a two button combo which is a holding down record button plus another blank button-

    I use this whenever I record from the TV or another DV camera so I know this definetley works as a AV input

    The camera is a Sony TRV 17E , its not the most newest camera (6 years) but it does just about everything else I need it to do

    Still trying to figure this out

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