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Thread: Radio communication between camera ops

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    Default Radio communication between camera ops we go....we've done the last few shoots with 4 cameras (1 locked down) and have discovered that try as we might not to...two of us have gone for the same shot (different angles)...what we need is some sort of radio communication system so we can be in contact with each other to avoid this in future.

    We currently use DT100s at the if anyone knows of a professional "tlakback" system out there which uses DT109s or similar...let me know.

    The events we have covered recently have quite high SPLs so we like the protectio (lol) that the DTs give us as well as helping monitor the sound.

    Another reason might soon be , we are investigating the "live" side of things for some events...switching between two camera for rear projection at conferences we can't afford to have 2 shots the same....or in our case...both going walk about at the same



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    Check out B&H Photo, Thats generaly me first stop.

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    nice find...give some good info...but unfortunately Stateside...

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    I believe they ship worldwide.

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    Actually, any Dixons will have a cheap pair of walkie-talkie radios (Motorolla , Midland or Alan) which you can get headsets for. The radio clips on your belt, you wear the small headset under a pair of Beyerdynamic 150s or similar and, hey presto, cheap'n'cheerful radio comms.

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    sounds good guru...must give it a try...we do have a pair of these already c/w the earpiece/mic bit but never thought to put them "inside" the beyers...they just couldn't cope with the higher SPLs in some of the venues

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