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Thread: Strange "interlace" look on any export from Premie

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    Default Strange "interlace" look on any export from Premie

    Hi, I've finished a 25 minute movie and now I'm try to export it. I've tried in numerous different formats with different compressions, no compression etc, AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, but every single export I do ends up any white object that moves (shopping bags, text, labels on bottles, cars etc) all have a very strong interlacing type look around the edges. The video is recorded off a Sony TRV33e in Widescreen format, then captured in Premiere, it looks perfect in the Monitor within Premiere but awful, awful when viewed after an export. I've connected the camera up to the TV and it plays back perfectly, broadcast quality almost, so I know it's not the camera causing the problems.

    I confess to having an old computer at this time, it's a Dell Dimension XPS T750 and it struggles at the best of times (not sure what the graphics card is but it's not the best and RAM is 512MB or so, could this be causing the poor export quality? I've attached a screen grab of my "settings" and also a part of a frame from the movie (this isn't zoomed in, this is actual size!!!). This isn't. Sorry if this question has been asked 1000s of times before, but I hunted through and couldn't find anything that related directly to my problem.

    Many thanks for any help, it really is much apprecaited!!!

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    Did you check the de-interlace box in export?
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    Hi Marc

    Yes, I've got the following settings under "Special Processing":

    Gamma: 1.0
    Noise Reduction: Median (was off but thought this might help)
    Better Resize: Off
    DeInterlace: On
    Cropping: Off

    It's strange, can't work it out. Thanks!!

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    And you're using a PAL camcorder?
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    Yes, it was bought in the UK and it mentions PAL on the casing and in the manual. Haven't converted to any other format at any point during the editing. I just feel it might be my underpowered PC....

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    Hmm, try changing the field order. If that doesn't change a thing, export, run the output DV AVI file through TMPGenc and use the deinterlace filter in that
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    Thanks Marc, I'll give that a try!

    Thanks for your help!

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    I think I can put these problems down to my PC. This morning when I first started it up, I tried playing one of the AVIs I created yesterday (that displayed the interlacing problem) and this was not apparent, instead I ended up with terrible ghosting when there was fast camera movement. I have run a few exports since and now I have the interlacing look on all videos, even the one's that displayed ghosting this morning. Looks like it's time to upgrade the PC!

    I did have one strange problem though with the TMPGenc software, and that was it stating that the AVI cannot open or is not supported. This is a standard Microsoft DV AVI export.... oh well, will keep trying!


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    We really should have a stronger FAQ. It must have been at least five minutes since we last had this 'problem' come up.

    The only thing I'd add (apologies to anyone replying who mentioned it - standrad problem and I didn't read through to the end) si to not bother about trying to de-interlace if your final destination is a DVD (or tape) tobe viewed on a TV. interlacing is designed for them and playback will be fine.

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    also... dont try to import to TMPGenc with DV avi. it doesn't accept it;. use some really lossless avi like huffyuv (I think)
    And change your project settings to the same as your video clip settings.
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