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Thread: PC spec borderline for Studio 8 ?

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    Default PC spec borderline for Studio 8 ?

    Hi folks,

    First post so please bear with me ! I have been running Studio 8 for a few years on Pentium III 933 MHz 512Mb machine with Win 98SE with occasional crashes but generally able to complete my projects to final output - complete with transitions and music tracks. Ever since upgrading to Win XP Pro about a year ago (works well), I have struggled with Studio and the same processes are taking forever to complete. Crashes now always occur during the Edit process when I create DVD thumbnail menus.

    Before I roll over and turbo charge my machine with new CPU and RAM - might also need to ditch the Abit BX-133 mobo too - I wondered how close to the minimum spec my machine actually is for Studio 8 ? I know how buggy Studio has been for many and maybe the advice will be to drop it and try Vegas or Elements. The spec question will still arise so just how close to unacceptable is my Machine ? I have a dedicated hard drive for Studio files with loads of capacity which I keep defragged (run the program from OS drive, though). Would appreciate views.

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    Keep in mind with the new proc, new mobo, more ram, you'll neen a new power supply as well. You'll be better off getting a bare bones system and move over your perfs. It's pretty well known I hate pinnacle, so I won't get into that rant, As far as the specs, go to the web sites of the programs and they will list them.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks for that Wil. Studio 8's quoted specs (CPU 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM etc.) are well below my system's, so I would have expected it to function adequately - slowly maybe, but adequately. Since posting I have done some rejigging with hard drives to maximise space for captured and edited video (now on 320 Gb external drive) but I still have XP on a 40 Gb drive with approx. 32 Gb free. Could there be an issue with Windows' swap file space on this drive ?

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    You may want to make sure that all applications are shut down before editing and esspecially rendering.

    Ctrl/Alt/Del will open your applications window to let you do this.

    Just started with Sudio Plus 11 and rendered perfectly.

    8 and 9 were both very buggy and IMO it was hit and miss if you got a DVD that would play without a hitch.

    I'm no expert but I would say you are right on the limit of PC spec for running XP
    Cheap solution in the first instance is more RAM.
    Check - and they will tell you what and how much Ram your Mobo can accept. You may be able to use quicker ram.

    Other than that as Chapman said it could be a full upgrade - Mobo, Processor, Ram etc etc.

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    You're confirming my suspicions, Waratah and the writing was on the wall with Chapman's comments ! I'll certainly take your advice on the RAM although my mobo is limited to a max. of 1GB SDRAM so the tide's coming in !

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    You should see a big difference if you invest in a GB of PC133 SD.
    Obviously dependant on what Ram you have at the present moment.
    Check your existing ram to see if its PC100 etc.

    A further upgrade you can consider is to install 2 new Sata Hard Drives, although you havnt stated what HDs youve got, they are probably IDE
    You can purchase a PCI card that sits in one PCI slot and allows you to connect SATa drives to your mobo.
    Sata drives are quicker and in Pinnacle using one to read and one to write will also speed up the rendering process and make things more stable.
    The drives will also be future proof if you decide to upgrade a little later.
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    Good luck.
    Let me know how you get on if you choose to upgrade your memory


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    Checked my RAM at and have 512 Mb made up of 2 x 128 Mb and 1 x 256 Mb SDRAM all PC133. Given the mobo's limit of 1Gb - will adding just another 500 Mb make enough of a difference ?

    Yes, my drives are all IDE so maybe replacing with 2 SATA would be beneficial.

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    I wouldnt want to mislead you but Double the Ram and you should notice a difference.
    The only downside is if you get the bug and decide to upgrade fully later - SDRam is pretty old hat, so you wouldnt be able to utilise it in a new Mobo. As for The Sata drives you will be able to just swap em over.

    This was the first ever upgrade I did to a PC. Easy and immediate results. In no time you will be building your own PC - As Ive just done.

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    OK. Memory is pretty cheap now so minimal loss when I change the mobo. If I swap a couple of Sata drives for my IDEs but retain my OS drive (also IDE) does that defeat the object in terms of transfer speeds or does having Sata drives just for read and writes achieve speed gains even if the OS drive is slower ?

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