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Thread: Stock, Sounds and Film Looks

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    Thumbs up Stock, Sounds and Film Looks

    My little store :
    And my prices are very low
    low enough i think :P

    BlownUp - Explosions Stocks - Xslimits - Blownup details

    Outbacks - Green Screen backgrounds HD and SD - Xslimits - Outbacks details

    XSpro 3 - Movie Grading for After Effects containing 150 preset styles - Xslimits - XSpro 3 details

    XSpro 2.1 - Movie Grading for Premiere Pro 2 containing 50 preset styles - Xslimits - XSpro 2.1 details

    XSpro 2 - Movie Grading for Premiere Pro containin 45 preset styles - Xslimits - XSpro 2 details

    MuzzleFire - Muzzle Flash Stocks - Free when you buy an product.

    Action Sound FX - Royalty Free Action sounds 85 elements - Free when you buy a bundle.

    If i posted this on the wrong section than people sorry , would moderators than move it.

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    in your "blow up" package you state

    "32 Clips full explosions and detonations.
    This is my collction that i collected"

    Does this mean you are selling someone elses footage that you have found? or did you produce the clips?

    Also the clips are no good for compositiing anyway because the smoke/flames leave the frame, so use is limited to how they appear, there's no way you can resize the objects without obvious clipped edges to them.

    And the green screen backgrounds are only basic particle or membrane emitters... which can be knocked up in after effects or motion in a few seconds...

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    the explosions clips where shot by someone else , ive asked for permission to use them and reedit's all taken care about.

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    Moving to pimp the link

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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