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    i have a video clip and i want to remove the background and just leave the person who is on the clip and then i want to add a totaly different background. is there a way of doing this???

    can someone please help me. if they got a how to guid it would be very helpfull

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    This would involve a lot of work and require frame by frame editing. If you want to do this kind of effect, the best thing would be to shoot with a green screen. Do a search on the forums for "green screen" as there is a very informative thread on the forums.
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    Default thanks

    i cannot reshoot with green background, so there is no way of off removing the current background?????

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    Default green screen

    hi can u point me to the thread cos i had a look but cannot find it!!

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    There is, but you'd have to do each frame by hand as I'm sure your "actor" moves - so you'd have to draw around the person in every single frame. At 50 frames per second... that's a long time...
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    ok guess it would take long
    out of interest how would i do it

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    get adobe paintshop, export the frame, cut yourself out, put the new background in, put the frame back in premiere. repeat a thousand times
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