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    Need some advice - I'm looking for a new desktop to get started with video editing (mainly short films). I have a budget of anything under 350 so pretty strapped - only need the base as already got monitor etc. Anyone advise on a good spec and suitable place to buy? Could probably do without operating system.


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    The simple answer is that anything wil get you going. The more you pack in though the better - obviously.

    Plenty of threads offering advice on what to get and not to get but generally....

    * Forget Vista at the moment.
    * Plenty of hard drive space - preferably two physical drives, one for the operating system and s/w and one for video projects.
    * As much memory as you can get. I'd consider 1Gb a minimum but make sure it;s configured so that a second bank can be added.
    * Graphics card are largely redundent for video editting. However some apps do use the GPU at times. But if you can then get one wiht a dual head for later on. You can get soemthign decent enough here for about 25.
    * Assumin you have a miniDV camera then make sure you get a firewire port in it. This is absolutely compulsory if you have a miniDV camera.

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    Alan is on point with his advice.

    There are a ton of good turnkey deals on Ebay. Do you already have software? If so, what
    apps? Premiere Pro....Vegas....Pinnacle. If not, there are a ton of off the shelf apps that are
    more than capable of doing the job and don't require a powerhouse pc.

    Along with the 2 drives, I'd also recommend an external drive for backup purposes.

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