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Thread: Adobe Video Server Plug-in for DVD -MPEG-2 encoding

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    Default Adobe Video Server Plug-in for DVD -MPEG-2 encoding


    Right, basically, i'm a first time burner, trying to encode from Adobe Premiere 6 to MPEG-2 using TMPGenc and the Video Server Plug-in. I have unzipped and installed both, I think TMPGenc has gone in ok (though I cant test that until the other plug-in owkrs), but the Video Server doesn't appear in the dropdown menu MP speaks of in the guide (at FLIE/EXPORT TIMELINE/MOVE/SETTINGS/FILETYPE).

    Can't see why it's not working, I thouhgt maybe I had unzipped it in the wrong place or something!

    Don't actually have a DVD burning programme yet, was hoping to download one once I have the MPEG-2 file!

    What are my chances of getting this right, and how please??

    THanks very much!

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    what does appear in the drop down menu?
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    I have followed your guide (which is ace by the way - learnt buckets about Adobe) on that page up to step 2, the bit where it says "choose Video Server as the file type". Unfortunately all I get are the following options:
    Microsoft DV AVI
    Microsoft AVI
    Tiff Sequence
    Targa Sequence
    GIF Sequence
    Animated GIF
    Windows Bitmap Sequence

    Thanks for the help!!!

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