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Thread: Help with drifting out of synch

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    Default Help with drifting out of synch

    I have a Celeron d 3.1 gig processor, with 1.5 gig ram. 256/512 mb nvidia graphics card. the file type is nfts

    I have a wdm tv capture card with a phillips 3107 chip set.

    At first I used nero 7 and after 30 mins or so there was a drift out of sync of audio and video. I noticed there was a lot of dropped frames.

    Anyways I tried to find an update for my drivers, after many many weeks searching i found saa3107 drivers, but the same thing happened.

    I then used pinnicle software, this time there was NO dropped frames, but again it drifted out of sync.

    I have video to dvd and wincreator but they will not work with my computer, they along with the windows media maker just crash the system dead.

    Now the thing that bugs me is I bought this new computer because my old one was a pentium 1, same capture card and about 32 mb ram and a 32 mb graphic card. with a fat 32 system. Absolutely everything worked on that with no drifting out of sync.

    I have no idea and have run out of things to try. any ideas? is it the different file systems, or is the celeron chip just rubbish.


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    I use Nero aswell and this happens to me sometimes, but rarely.
    Sorry, i know that is not very helpful to you.
    I wouldn't mind knowing why this happens aswell though.

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    ok, someone somewhere may know the answer!

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