Hey folks,

I've recently decided to digitally back up some old family videos, that were on VHS tape. To do this, I borrowed a datavideo DAC-200 firewire interface, and downloaded the 30 day trial of Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.5 from the Pinnacle website.

After a few trials and tribulations, I managed to get everything capturing fine - I was testing the capture using a newer scrap tape with some old television broadcasts on, so as not to place additional wear and tear on the older VHS tapes.

When the time came to capture the video from the family VHS (which, by the way, plays fine in a normal VCR), I put it into the VCR (which is connected to the DAC200 by a scart to 3x RCA lead) and set it playing, and in both the preview window, and the actual captured video, there are massive skips and jumps (which I see by the counter underneath the preview area are dropped frames, always of exactly 47 frames).

Now, the strange thing is that any other VHS tape captures fine - the audio and video are as perfect as can be expected from VHS. As soon as I place this other tape in and try to capture, I get the skips and jumps and dropped frames, whether i'm capturing, or just previewing the video.

Obviously, this has me totally stumped - I can't work out how one VHS could play fine, whereas another could cause so many problems. I've done a little bit of research, and found that pinnacle (or other capture programs in general) seems to sync video to the related audio of the tape, but I can't find a way to turn this option off.

Tech Specs:
Pinnacle 10.5 trial, though i'm sure I could borrow a colleague's PC with the full version installed, if this was required.
datavideo DAC-200 digital video converter
AMD 2400+ CPU, 1GB RAM, partitioned 500GB 7,200RPM HDD (which seems to be adequate, since other VHS don't drop any frames)

My main question is: Is there a way to stop this video capture from jumping around so much? Also, why would this one VHS be jumping, whilst other VHS tapes can be captured without problems?

I hope i've been clear enough for someone to lend an expert opinion to my dilemma.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Grey Loki.