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    I need some good cheap, simple software re size my camcorder footage

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    your camera imports at a resolution of 720x480 (more than likely)

    Are you wanting to size up and make it an HD format, if so you will more than likely get a lot of pixelation since the normal miniDV cameras are not made for HD.

    If you are downsizing an image you can simply use windows moviemaker (if you're on a windows) or imovie (for a mac) and export your videos in different sizes.

    Known good sizes are:

    To resize the footage under windows movie maker, simply import your raw footage and select FILE -> SAVE TO MY COMPUTER
    In there you will be shown different styles and formats to save in. I suggest you select 'save to my computer' and then choose the format as AVI, then you can resize your image by choosing some of the resolution sizes I have stated.

    If you have an apple, please tell me and I will get in front of an apple computer and tell you step by step how to export resized footage.


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