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    Can someone please point me in the direction of a good lightsaber tutorial or post some pointers to get me started?

    Much appreciated.


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    You need a rotoscoping program in order to do it. vegas can not.

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    you could download blender and follow my tutorial.:

    Yes I know its quiet and I am bad at making tutorials.

    or this:
    Video Copilot Products and Tutorials for Video Professionals
    with after effects.

    Also with after effects
    With the video tutorial:

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    The best tutorial I know for lightsabers is by Ryan Wieber and can be found on his site

    You would need after effects to be able to do it his way but the results are outstanding.

    You can check out the latest saber duel he did RVD2 at Ryan vs Dorkman . com

    Its worth a watch its a very well put together film and the effects are spot on.

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    Hi all, thanks for the replies!

    I did find this (for Sony Vegas) and had a little go. Unfortunately from the example given it doesnt match up to the AE efforts I've seen.

    Vegas Sabers

    I had a go but I think you need to tweak it quite a bit to get a decent effect.

    Etharooni, I'll give Blender a go later today.

    Raj, wow I've just watched the Ryan vs Dorkman clip. Its very well done, looks so much better than the example in the link I've posted.

    Thanks again all, I'm going to have a tinker.

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