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Thread: Coverted back to analog need help and advice

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    Default Coverted back to analog need help and advice

    Ok.. well to cut a long story short im a skateboarder and my Sony handycam got robbed. Im left now with a old handycam which is analogue and doest have DV out, i was given a dazzle DVC which was usb but the quality is poor because usb is so slow. Well ive been lookin into getting a hollywood bridge or something along them line because they work firewire.. but i also found that they normal exceed 200+ and thats like 8x my budget. Ive been lookin at tv cards, as they work on the same concept just using PCI well my name questions are

    What would be a cheapest yet best TV card to get to capture footage from a analog camera?
    What does the quality turn out like? as im used to good firewire stuff and was shocked at the usb.
    What software would also be best to use. Would i still be able to use premier?

    Thank you for your time.

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    There's no good substitute for a DV camera, I'm afraid. The ease, reliability and 'losslessness' of DV over analogue capture cannot be matched.

    There are good analogue capture cards available still, but not for 25. TV cards are intended for TV. They usually capture in poor quality (compared to DV) MPG format and the resulting clips are tougher to edit than DV video files.

    My advice is to save for a miniDV camera. Look for one that has an analogue to digital passthrough feature so that you will be able to later digitise the stuff you are currently recording on your analogue camera.

    What can you flog on eBay?

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    A few years ago I bought one of these:

    AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. -- Digital technology for your lifestyle

    From memory I'm sure it was only 15 from Maplins, it was shit so I gave it to my brother and bought a Pinnacle AV/DV capture card for 100(ish) from PC world it couldn't handle colour well atall, so I taken it back.

    Recently I found the need to capture some analoge video where the picture quality wasn't so important, I installed the AVerMedia card again and running in conjunction with FOX Video Capture/Convert/Burn Studio version (and it's 30 day free trial) it all worked a dream.

    The software has the ability to capture analoge video as DV through usb doing the compression either on the fly or after capture. And it does a really good job of this.

    The card doesn't have an audio input, this has to be done through your sound card, which isn't a problem. After a quick search around I found a slightly more expencive versions of the card with an audio input aswell.


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    Thanks guys for all the help
    if i got a tv card, what would i except the footage to turn out like quality wise, i would like ultimate dv stuff but i aint to fussy.. well all the footage would be reverted back to a DVD so would a TV card make the footage nice and viewable on television
    Aswell could you reconmend me to some cards which are under 50 please

    Thanks again

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    Before getting a new card try using the software I mentioned with the card you have. It's available as a 30 day free trial download, I'm sure it was from you may find it gives a satisfactory result.


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