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Thread: Raid Configuration

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    Question Raid Configuration

    Just reading an old thread and the subject of Raid came up to increase performance.

    I have just built a new PC:

    Intel Core Duo 6600
    Asus P5n32 - SLI Wi Fi
    MSI 8600 T2D256 OC Graphics Card
    2GB Ram 800mhz
    Internal Card Reader
    Liteon 20x DVD Optical Drive

    500GB Samsung Internal SATA HD
    75GB Maxtor Internal SATA HD (Taken from my old PC)

    I know nothing about Raid, can I set it up and will it increase performance?

    I have all my Program files OS etc on the Samsung HD and planning to use the Maxtor for storage of AVI files (I know it should have been the other way round, but its too late now.

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    Well I would have done it the other way round.

    A 75 GB media drive will fill up very fast.

    That being said, am I right in assuming that the 500 GB is faster (because it is newer) than the 75 GB drive? If this is so, then you have probably put the OS on the most appropriate drive.

    My inclination would be to start looking for another big drive (or two) to replace the tiny 75 GB media drive. A raid array would then be possible between two or more media drives. I have not heard of anyone creating a RAID array between the OS drive and one media drive, and I'm not sure that it's possible that way.

    Put your 75GB drive in an external USB/Firewire enclosure box so that it doesn't go to waste.

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    Bert, I totally agree, didnt think of it at the time but when funds allow I will buy another big drive.

    The 'raid' issue you bought up in this tread I was reading:

    That.s what inspired me to create this post!!!

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    Raid - you need 2 big drives the same size and preferably make.

    I am not sure how you set them up as I have never done so but as I understand things you can have safer or faster.

    You only get capacity of one drive but set up one way acess and transfer is quicker (striping i think) and the other way, mirroring?, all data can survive one drive crash. You then replace the drive and the pc rebuilds the info onto the new drive.

    The best and most expensive raid soloution is called raid 5, this uses 5 drives in a special box and is safer and faster i think but pricey clearly.

    I saw a very clever raid box recenltly called a dingo or something like that that looks really cool - but it wasnt dingo... anyone know?

    I am consiering a raid 5 box as my ambitions expand and security of stuff becomes an issue. Fast raid is a luxury that can reap benefits for the system disc but is probably overkill for most of us for media drives, unless you edit stuff captured at very high bit rates - much higher than DV ever needs.

    As for old drives being slow - funny thing is that my fastest drive when b marked for transfer speed is an 'old' 250 gig ide, faster than my 10,000 rpm raptor - but the raptor is much faster on seek time.

    RAID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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