Hey there.
I downloaded a few movies, but they're with english subs on it.
Im mean this english subs, are "sticked" to the AVI movie, it cant be replaced, or deleted.

And I want to place on it, my subtitles in other lang.
I want to make in some way to read this subs without any problem.
I heard its possible to do it, but I dont know which apps to use it, and how to do it.

Subs cant be under movie, cos movie is in 4:3 aspect ratio, and one possible way is to "stick" my subs on this older.
When I change font to bigger, maybe in other color, and with some transparent options I will be able to read them without any problem,
even if under them are this default subs. I saw on internet many movies with this subs effect (I mean sticked on the older subs), and I could read those "fresh" subs without any problem, even when under theme were a yellow english subs.

Of course I want to convert then it to the DVD format.
I know how to do that, without any problems, but I only need advice with that subs.

Is someone know how to do it ?

Great THX for anserws in advance.