I have been utilizing a program called RightViewPro to capture and analyze sports swings(mostly baseball and softball).

I changed camcorders to a Canon ZR850 to be able to program manually the shutter to 1/2000 so my bats during swing breakdown would not be so blurry.

However, when connecting my firewire to my pc and placing the zr850 in camera mode my screen on pc of supposed video is black. The lcd on zr850 depicts the actual shot but pc screen is black. I opened Movie Maker since that is the only other capture software on my pc(never utilized) and the same thing happens.

However, if I play the tape back in "play mode" the played video has no probelm being displayed by the zr850 in RVP or MM software.

What gives? Is the ZR850 not capable of capturing live video through or am I doing something wrong here? Both previous cameras(Sony and Panasonic) were technically inferior per specifications and they have no problem streaming live through the camera to the pc.