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Thread: FX1 Microphone conversion Kit

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    Default FX1 Microphone conversion Kit

    Sony FX1 users, have you ever wish you could mount your shotgun Mic on your FX1 just like the more expensive Z1U. Well, now you can. I am selling the original Sony Mic Holder kit just like what they have on the more expensive Z1U. With the kit set, you can instantly free up your hotshoe for other devices like Video light, HDD or wireless receiver. I have tested Azden, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Rode Videomic, Sony ECM-MS907 and they all fit very well with the Mic holder.

    The Kit consists of -
    1) Original Sony Microphone Holder from Japan
    2) Custom made spacer (or 'connector') with 4 screws to hold the Mic holder assembly firmly to your FX1 LCD panel. This is the piece which Sony refused to sell so as to distinguish Z1U from FX1. You can't find this anywhere else except from my kit
    3)Sony rubber Mic spacer. The mic spacer protects your expensive shotgun mic from scratches and also ensure no vibration during filming.

    With the kit, all you need is a philips scredriver and installation time is 3 minutes. To see more photos, please go to the below URL
    For further enquiry, please email to
    My ebay account is 'hantanbl'. Feel free to check my ratings from other buyers who bought the kit from me.
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