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    does anyone know a site where can get free effect clips? im doing this harry potter spoof and i need them for the "spells"!

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    No idea - sorry.

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    Free effect clips? Not sure what you mean - most special effects are composed of a few plug ins with lots of lateral thinking and clever editing. What is this 'spell effect'?

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    Go and have a look at the demo for particleIllusion over at wondertouch: home of particleIllusion

    This tool should give you everything you need. Play with the demo. Ok it will likely give watermarked output (unless they've changed how the demo works since I downloaded it).

    It does sound like you only need a few of these clips so your project is effectively a one-off. once you have your project sorted then as a kind favour I'll be happy tro render trhem out for you prroperly. you can then composit them into your movie.

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    i loaded the demo of particle illusion (which says they have upgraded the demo and no longer leaves watermarks, just gives u a 30 day trial) and my computer started crashing when i tried to save the effect. But yes this is the type of effect clips im looking for... could you plz reply and ill send you mi email... Ty for all your help!
    PS: the "spell" affect is like when a spell shoots out of the wand in harry potter movies... esecialy the newer ones
    like in the very begining and end of this clip
    im looking for clips like these
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