Having now set up my new PC, I copied my current Premier Pro video project exported AVI file (12 GB) onto this new PC. The AVI works OK on my old PC.

The DVD Rewriter came bundled with NeroVision 2 OEM and I decided to try that for finishing the DVD with menus and chapters. This all went well, but it failed to burn.

When I tired to play the AVI file (12 GB), if failed also (Windows Meadia Player 11), the only clue the online help gave was: try and edited and save the file using a non Microsoft ID3 tag editing program.

I did record a narrative section for this video, so I assume thatís the problem. As I did try another clip and that burned OK.

This AVI has no sound, but the other test AVI works OK, so I assume its a codec problem.

Any help please.