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    Default Vegas 7 rendering


    Iím new to Sony Vegas and I need to render a video to achieve the fallowing points:
    * To include a text on the video (I know how to, and works fine)
    * To include music (same... comes out great)
    * 1 minute video should be 30-35MB per minute (canít find the setting to make this possible- itís either too large - twice as needed- or too small)
    * Original video size (no problems there)
    * Original video quality (it always comes out too grey and unsharp)

    The best settings I chose so far when I try to save are:
    type: windows media video V9
    costume settings: project: best
    audio- mode: CBR
    -format: windows media audio 9.2
    -attributes: 64kbps, 44kHz, stereo (A/V) CBR
    Video- Mode: Quality VBR
    -format: windows media video 9
    -Image size: (keep original size)
    -pixel aspect ratio: 1.000 (square)
    - frame rate (fps): 25.000(PAL) seconds per keyframe: 8
    -quality: 93%
    bit rate (cant change it )
    28.8 Kbps modem 32k
    internet 56 modem: 128
    (ticked) ISDN 500k
    high speed internet: 1M
    Internet/LAN: 3M

    I hope I didnít over do it with the settings details... but I hoped that it could help you help me...
    please, if anyone has any advice for best settings or something else that can help me...


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    On what are you Previewing the final?

    I've got a 512kbps WMV9 render that is 5 minutes long and is 19mb. OK, it IS for a small format, but I think it's quality works fine. Colours are good too! just how BIG is the thing going to be played at?

    You might want to try encoding in Windows Encoder. It is a free piece of MS software and makes for an amazing encode. WEnc ain't the easiest of encs to get your head around - try using 16:9! - but once you've done it a couple of times you may just prefer it..

    Any reason WHY WMV? Have you tried the SONY or MainConcept MP4 options?


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    thanks for taking the time to help me... but I must admit most of what you wrote is Chaines to me... ill try to reply to what I understood..

    previewing? on windows media player

    I dont know what is "a 512kbps WMV9 render" or what you mean by it...
    by big I assume you mean the image size and not weight.. it should be 1024x576 (same as original)

    what do you mean by encoding? I never done that before... what does it do? will it improve the image quality? and what do you mean by 16:9?

    no reason for WMV... you think thatís why the image is so grey and blurry?

    also, I noticed that in the vegas 7, I can see a good image showing on the track line but in the video preview image it shows the image as grey and blurry.
    Im thinking, maybe the settings of the program needs to be adjusted?

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    By creating a WMV file you are creating an ENCODED file for playing on a device that allows you to do so.

    WMV is just one of many ways to produce your LARGE file in a format that can be published over say the internet where small files are best. Simple!

    There are other types of ENCODERS.

    But I'm far more interested in what you ARE saying about the fact you are getting this grey and blurry Preview? Are you Previewing your pre-edited pre-encoded video files?


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    well, you know the small window in the vegas 7 progrem? (not another preview progrem but vegas 7 itself) even there I can see how the colores are much less vived and contrasted so it causes a blurr like effect... I want to make it as close as i can to the original...

    does that help?

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    Here is a guide I wrtoe for rendering to wmv, might help.

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    Hi Mark!

    thank you for that link!! I'm trying the settings you suggested right now!

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