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Thread: BBC Online Courses

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    Default BBC Online Courses

    Look what I found:

    BBC Training & Development > Free Online Broadcast & New Media Courses

    Not had chance to review them yet, so if anyone has any opinions as to their usefulness, please post your comments here.

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    Smile A Must See

    I watched the the Good Shooting Guide last night. This is a must for any newbie. It took over an hour to work through the guide and it was full of video clips, interactive exercises and expert commentary covering virtually every aspect of shooting video footage.

    It covers planning, recce and storyboarding. It demonstrates camera technique as well as sound recording. It is full of tips from real pro's. Being new to DV, in the space of one hour I learned more than I have reading through this forum and many others (I am not devaluing this forum - it has many good points).

    I cannot wait to begin using some of the new information I have learned from visiting the Beeb training website.

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