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Thread: getting a nice frame capture from an 'avi' video

  1. Default getting a nice frame capture from an 'avi' video

    hi what is the best way to get a nice, smooth frame from a video as usually when i try and capture a frame, it is weird like this:

    is there any way i can get a good quality frame capture of this? thanks for all the help in advance!

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    No problem.

    All you are seeing here is the result of viewing an interlaced video signal on a non-interlaced device.

    There's nothing wrong really.

    If youare editting and going to make a DVD for watching on your TV then just leave it alone. By the time you watch it on your TV an interlaced device it will be just fine.

    If however, you are going to watch it on your PC then once you've finished yoru editting then when you export your final movie out you will need to find the 'deinterlace' setting(s) in your video editor and make sure you de-interlace it for your final output.

    However, if it;s just a screen grab you want then your favourite image editor is likely going tohave a filter to do this.

    See attached fro a deinterlaced image
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