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Thread: Ulead V7 does not come up - Desperately need help

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    Default Ulead V7 does not come up - Desperately need help

    I'm stuck with a peculiar problem and Ulead TS don't seem to be able to help much. Maybe someone in this forum has a clue:
    I installed Ulead V7 from the CD and it finished well. When I'm launching the program I get two messages (see bellow) and the program terminates

    The message: "The instruction at "0x77fccdee" referenced memory at "0xfffffff8". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program" Then the same message with address "0x77fcc823"

    I had the same problem with V 4, V 7 Trial and V 8 Trial (with slightly different addresses in the message)
    Based on Ulead TS instructions I uninstalled, cleaned the system and re-installed the software several times with the same result
    Based Ulead TS recommendation I tried to refresh the OS and it botched up my laptop. I re-installed the OS installed the Ulead software first thing and ended up in the same spot after many hours of work
    I already took everything available from Windows Update and installed the most up to date version of DirectX

    I'm stuck. Does anyone have an idea how to diagnose what's wrong with the software in my setup using some kind of a trace or debug version? Please help me!


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    When you re-installed the OS, did you format the drive before install? If you did what's refered to as a "dirty" install, (i.e didn't format) all you would have done is rewrite the existing windows installation, keeping all the accumalted crap.

    If you get the errors on a clean install, it may be a hardware issue. If you have > one stick of RAM, try taking a stick out alternately and loading the software.
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    I had this same error in MS Access. I would try to run a report and it gave me that error and forced me to terminate the program. I corrected the error by installing a different print driver. I had the driver installed for my HP 1200 that came with the printer. I changed it to a more generic printer driver the "HP Laserjet" supplied by Windows. Worked perfect after that. Hope this helps.

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    It very much sounds as though you have a memory address range conflict somewhere. Sadly these things can be a right old sod to locate but I would start by opening the Device Manager and going through my hardware, right-clicking on each one, selecting Properties-->Resources and checking the memory address ranges (for those devices which show it). See if you can determine which piece of hardware is causing you a problem.

    Also, I would probably download a small utility called enditall which will end all unnecessary applications and then try loading Ulead V7 and see what you get.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

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