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Thread: Please critique 3 new videos

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    Default Please critique 3 new videos

    I'm a new video producer for pianist Justin Sanner and would appreciate a critique of the production aspects of the following videos:




    I shot these videos with a Panasonic AG-DVC30P Digital Video Camera-Recorder.

    I'm using Premiere Elements 3 for editing, then I upload to YouTube with video format options of MPEG1 and 2. The format I chose was MPEG1, because MPEG2 made the videos exceed YouTube's 100MB limit per video.

    Any ideas on how to get the picture clearer on the videos? They look a little fuzzy to me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Dean Johnson (Production)
    Justin Sanner (Pianist)

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    I only seen the first one so I will comment on it. I grew bored pretty quick, The pianist was great he deffently has talent, The problem is the filming. You only have one angle you need more. I would use at four diffrent positions, close up on face from the side, close up on the hands and keys, wide shot and a shot from the front of the piano directly facing him, Then cut it to the beat, so you'll end up filming the whole thing 4 times. Tell him if he makes a mistake to keep going you can fix it in editing. You'll only use the sound from one take anyway. If he has a CD that he had made use that instead of the on camara audio.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    A camera angle which matches the viewpoint of a standing adult has to be the most boring angle to use because that is ordinarily where most of us view the world from. Looking at subjects from a height of about 5'8" is the common viewpoint; a viewpoint that holds no surprises and therefore no excitment. Locking off your tripod for a subject who is himself static is not a sin, but the problem of doing so is that we very quickly tire of a subject which has only one fixed viewpoint. One frame of reference.

    But once your pianist begins to play he is no longer static. Try varying your shots. Try shooting over the back of the piano towards the pianist's head and shoulders. Focus on his eyes as they follow the intricacies of the music score. You could follow this by the music score itself; another close up opportunity. Close-ups are important as they produce the maximum sense of involvement in the mind of the audience. You could follow this by a dissolve to (yet) another close up of the pianist's left arm and fingers as they play the notes of the music sheet we've just been shown.

    Beware, incorporating variety into your treatment will require co-operation on the part of the pianist. He will have to stop playing while you set up your camera between shots. He may have to play bits of the music several times over until you are satisfied with the shots you have collected.

    The music itself is the "glue" which will tie all your various shots together. Your viewing audience will thank you for taking the trouble to give them variety in the way this music piece is presented. Remember, at the moment they have nothing but one boring camera angle to thank you for.

    Wow! I've just noticed the original posting date for this crtique request was Sept 07 !!! Well, all I can say is that I hope my critique stands the test of time!
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