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    I'm new here, as I guess you noticed.

    I'm a World of Warcraft player that's often busy making movies of our newest bosskills. It've also worked out fine until now. I wanted the current movie to be a bit more special and better quality - so I started to look into some guides about rendering for maxium quality. I decided to keep using the Xvid codec as it's a nice way of keeping (rather) good quality combined with not too heavy sizewise. I just updated to newest Xvid codec as I was pretty sure of my previous one was kinda outdated.

    After I was done uploading my newest movies, I got comments about what the white numbers was for. Yeah well, I felt a bit like this smiley:

    [I didn't watch the movie before I uploaded as I already had made demo versions to check for errors]

    When I opened the "real" movie I found this:

    So now I'm standing and want to re-render the movie - but I can't figure out where to disable this framecounter (+ the BVOP and ST:XXX). I'm pretty sure the only thing I changed before I rendered the finally movie was updating my XviD codec - but I'm mostlikely wrong on that. I'm using Sony Vegas 6.0

    So please, could you help me disable the framecounter (+ the BVOP and ST:XXX)?

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