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    Default I wish ...

    ... I had heeded Marc Peter's advice in his 'Never Edit a Friend's Video' post in the user videos section of the forum.

    Sadly I agreed to edit video footage that a friend took. After carefully studying the said footage I have decided that the following rules now apply to home video techniques,

    1. Always use the camera Zoom to maximise that home shaky feel to your movies. It looks truly professional.

    2. Better still, zoom in and out repeatedly, it will really test your auto focus to the limit.

    3. Even better, if your camcorder has a digital zoom, then make sure it is on. It will really p1ss off the happy couple when they see their great day in multi coloured gloriously large shaking pixels.

    4. Tripods ... What are they?

    5. Always stop recording in the middle of the wedding vows, lets face it they are the boring bits of the wedding anyway.

    6. Always conduct your wedding interviews when you are at your inebriated best. Your audience will really appreciate those sideways shots.

    7. And a trade secret, always fast forward your DV tape a few seconds between shots, this really buggers up the time code thing for the video editor.

    8. Concentrate your footage on the girl friend you took to the wedding rather than the bride and groom. (Hey who's camera is it anyway?)

    9. Don't bother with the speeches, there is never an original joke anyway. Or better still just record the applause at the end. Believe me Video Editors are always looking for sound effects to put in their movies.

    10. Make sure your auto focus is on and to point your cam at the disco lights when filming the dancing. This gives your footage that distinctive 70s look.

    11. Film the happy couple taking their vows from the rear of the hall (on maximum digital zoom of course), preferably with their back to you. This way you will find out how good your cam's audio is.

    12. Does your cam support those funky digital enhancement features. Then try some of them (indeed all of them) whilst filming. The pastel effect is both brilliant and irreversible.

    13. Find some idiot with a monchrome camcorder to turn your masterpiece into something watchable.

    Not that I am bitter or anything (Cherchez la femme)!
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    Sounds like you've got your work cut out! Also sounds like the video's gonna be very short...
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    make sure to post it!!!
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    Hope you were taking notes Marc!

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    I have to say it does to a large extent depend on who does the videoing. I lent my camcorder to my son a few weeks ago, he's seriously into photography, if not videography, and takes a mean picture. Plus he's heard me say often enough, don't pan don't zoom, if you can help it.

    The hotel room the ceremony took place in had big picture windows behind the bride and groom, and he didn't know the camera well enough to correct for it, so I had to in the edit, and he was sufficiently far away that I had to turn up the volume thus increasing camera hum, so I ended up cleaning up the soundtrack elsewhere and putting it back on, and he decided to take a picture of his girlfriend, the bridesmaid, just as the lady conducting the ceremony said 'you may now kiss the bride' so quick pan back to the action, but other than that, pretty good. Nice 18 minute video was the result.

    Mind you he said to me 'I'll pay your costs as part of my wedding present' but costs were minimal, one resuseable tape, 2 DVDs and 5 half hour presentation VHS tapes, labels etc. But what about my time??? )) Whose present is it anyway, mine or his? I've never even met the happy couple.

    Still I've had back thanks from the couple who couldn't afford a video, I guess that's enough.

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