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    Default Pinnacle Studio 8

    Right. Having just purchase this S/W from dabs I see from the forum that it appear to have a few problem :(

    Is this package as bad as it seems? Should I keep it just for the hardware that comes with it and get another S/W for the editing?

    Also I noticed the spec for this package talkes about (NTSC only) in it's Input Format. Will this package let me capture the o/p from my VCR? If so will I need any additonal connector so that I can get it now rather than when it comes in the post and I don't have the right connector.

    Any advice would be grately appreciated.

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    People do have problems with Studio, but you have to factor into the equation that a lot of people have problems cos a lot of people use the software. It's not an application that I'd reccomend, but it's certainly worth a look (especially as you've already got it!)

    You'll need a video-in connection for connection to capture from VCR - what package have you bought from Dabs? (what's the quicklinx number?)
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    So what does a "video-in connection for connection to capture from VCR" looks like then?

    This is what I got from Dabs: (I can see now why its reduced)

    So can I just use this package to Capture then? And use some other S/W to do the rendering and burning (which seems to be the main problem encountered bu most people)?

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    you can use something called Dazzle Fusion... it has the video in/capture connection to use with a vcr... thats if you dont already have the feature on
    your video card

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    Hi All,

    As I already have the Pinnacle 8...I'll tough it out for a while.

    A quick question however, does anyone here know how to use music files that I already have on my computer as opposed to choosing one from CD. It only gives me two choices, my CD drives, and won't let me choose from my C drive.

    Any ideas?


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    Dazzle Fusion...I see that it's another product from Pinnacle. As I've not received the S/W from Dabs yet (out of stock) I can onlu assume that it comes with Pinnacle 8...I can only hope.

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    Well got my version 8.0 finally and yes I was right. No hardware comes with it to capture the video from my VCR. Looking at the Pinnacle ads that comes with it it looks like I need the DC10plus or PCTV :cry:

    One day I'll get it all set up. DC10+ cost an arm and a leg but PCTV looks reasonable (about 50). Can anyone out there tell me if PCTV is all I need now to capture my analogue o/p from my VCR..

    I'm still looking into the Fusion thing. Trying to look for a price..

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    To keep people updated on this package....Brought DC10+ from PC World for 70 (not bad). What was not obvious (at least to me) is that the capture only cares about video and so to get the soundtrack from your analogue source you'll need a 2-pin phono-3.5mm jack as well as the Scart to phono for the video.

    After installing version 8.0 clicked capture and played th video. Went away for a while. Came back and saw that there is a "Deleting Video" (this is part of the Version 8 feature apparently) on the screen but it was obvious that the PC wasn't doing anything! Clicked "Edit" and draged the 1st capture to the editor and then the 2nd and Pinnacle just disappeared!

    Re-started Pinnacle. Went to "Edit" and did the same operation and it happended again but this time it conplained about some input/output DLL error before crashing???!

    Re-started Pinnacle but this time loaded this capture that came from Pinnacle and the drag operation was OK. Re-capture my original source but this this I make sure the rate was less than the default and the thing didn't crash.

    I think this package is very unstable and any strain on the system will cause it to crash. I'm debating now if I should pursuit this or should I opt for an alternative as I think I need a bigger hard drive and obviously a DVD burner....
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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