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    Been away for a while, but been really busy with the band. Here are 3 videos from the latest gig we did. Technical specs are, we had 3 different cameras. Mine (Canon xl1s tripod stage right) a roaming(I think it was a trv950 or something) and the another roaming crap cam. The sound was recorded out of the mixing desk onto a muti track recorder and then mixed after the gig. The titles were done in after effects.

    I know i need to de-interlace the footage but just couldn't wait to put it on the internet. The correct version will be done soon.
    (New versions now online)
    You comments as always are welcome good or bad i need to learn.

    Video 1 - Livewire - performed by cheapdirt at the asta festival

    Video 2 - The Jack - performed by cheapdirt at the asta festival

    Video 3 - Highway to Hell - performed by cheapdirt at the asta festival
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    The song titles are cool!

    The one obvious thing to me though is the dodgy camera work from the main wide shot. The big wobbles, pans and zooms should really be hidden by cutting to another shot as the camera is adjusting/moving, IMO anyway.

    Alot better than most gig vids you see on the web though!

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    Also I would time the cuts to the beat better, and some shots were a bit long I thought, other then that it was pretty good.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    sorry to bump this up but 2 reviews is not much for 3 films. Please comment good or bad i don't mind and i am open to anything to improve my editing and filming
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