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Thread: underwater video edit

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    Unhappy underwater video edit


    first of all I want to thank everybody for taking me into this community. When it comes to video-editing I'm a total noob but now I want to edit my underwater-videos so that they are more balanced from color. Less blue and brighter and sharper.

    I'm using sony vegas 7 and got photoshop CS3 for my pictures.

    Now my question is what tools I can best use to get a better result from my movies?
    In photoshop I have a plugin that works great on 99% of my pictures but how can I find al those features in vegas?

    where can I find the different blends and how do they work in vegas?

    Please help,
    thank you

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    Overlord! Welcome "aboard" - and loose the FLIPPERS!!

    OK, the colour correcting tools within Vegas ( eh, what version of Vegas DO you have?) are amazing.

    Explaining this by text here is quite extensive, but if you wish, send me a still, and I'll have a go at creating a VEG for you.


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    Hi Grazie,

    I'll upload a few pics to my filespace so u can see what my original pictures are.
    I'll also attach the same picture but edited with that underwater plugin for photoshop so that you can see the difference it can achieve. (Maybe someone wants the plugin and I can send it to them)

    I've got about 51 video's here that need to be edited and when I look at the difference between the edited and non-edited pictures there's a big difference.

    I know all the actions that the plugin does for photoshop but afaik there there are no (such) scripts for vegas?

    I want to try to get the same results from my videos as I have with my photo's since I want to make a small video about our 3 week vacation to malaysia mixed with pictures and video's.

    My version of Vegas is 7.0e (build216)

    I've uploaded 3 pics (both original and edited) to DCIM.rar:

    1 picture is a unique shaped aeolid (nudiebranch) pteraeolodia ianthina (blue dragon)
    1 picture is a federstar in a shell
    1 picture is soft-anemone

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    Eh? What's a RAR file?


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    OK! I got me WinRAR! - G

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    winrar? same like winzip, for compression

    want them in a zipfile?

    like I said, it are 6 photo's. 3 original and 3 edited with the plugin I use

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    Overload - Done it!

    Are you on SKYPE? Chatch me as "biggrazie" I can talk you through it. Very straightforward.


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    nope, don't have skype :-(

    I got teamspeak and ventrilo but no skype...

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    If you gotta MIC then and install it.

    We could be talking within minutes!!


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    You have e-mail. . .oh yeah! And a veg!!!


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