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Thread: DVD A Menu Chapters/Issues

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    Default DVD A Menu Chapters/Issues

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and am welcoming myself with problems... So hello... and here's my problem... :(

    I've created a video(avi) in Sony Vegas 7.0e 2.5 hours long.

    DVD Architect - I have one AVI file. A total of 4 Menus.

    1st Main Menu = Play Movie & Scene Selection (video file background with audio)
    2nd Menu = 5 chapters, Back & Next Buttons (PDF background & audio)
    3rd Menu = 3 chapters, Back & Next Buttons (PDF background & audio)
    4th Menu = 5 Chapters, Back Button (PDF background & audio)

    ALL in and out points are set perfectly and play perfect in the DVD Architect Preview

    I have a total of 98 Chapters set throughout the AVI. (dont know why I feel the need to place them all over) (Max 100)

    8.5GB Project

    Now here's the Problem. EVERYTHING works perfectly.... EXCEPT the last 3 chapters in my #4 Menu will not play on the burned DVD.The last 3 chapters go directly to the midpoint of the video. When I watch the preview in DVD Architect, I dont see any problems. I only see the problem when its burned. I've viewed it on my Computer DVD player and on my home portable DVD player. The entire video is being recorded on the DVD but can only be seen through the "play all" link. Any chapters after the half way point of the movie will not burn. ???

    The preferences have been changed to accommodate 8.5GB of data.

    I went to Properties>Mastering and changed the number of layers to 2

    I also tried combining decreasing the Main chapters on #4 Menu page to only 3 instead of 5. didnt work.

    I've tried a bunch of different things and used up 5 of my dual layers... UGHH... none are right...

    I just deleted all the links on Menu #4 (the problem Menu) and re-copied the original link for each chapter... I was about to try out another Disk but figured I'd check with you first for ideas...

    I also tried REMOVING all chapters except the ones I absolutely need... which total 36.

    I also Deleted 2 Chapter Menu pages and combined them all on the 2nd Menu page. Now a 6.6 GB project That did not work (just killed my 6th dual layer now)

    Everything appears perfectly in DVD A I'm hoping that its a simple click of a button that I am overlooking... But if anyone can help I would appreciate it so much... This is a school project that is sooooo over due!

    I was told by someone to Export out of DVD A and play in my DVD software to view before burning, but I cant figure out how to export as a DVD video. I only found an option to export a menu as a theme...

    Sorry for the lengthy explanation, I just want to be sure I was thorough.

    Thanks in advance to any ideas!
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    Default desperatley seeking help...

    Anyone ever have a problem like this??? Can someone point me in the right direction? I've been glued to this computer for days trying to read anything I can to figure this out??? Sorry to sound impatient... I'm really stuck!

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    Well, It seems to me that it is the media or dvd players, since it plays the same on diffrent players it kinda rules that out. Are you useing high quilty blanks, Are you using + or -? I seem to have better luck with - but plenty have better luck with +. try changing the media and burn at the fastest speed try 4x burning.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Default Verbatim...

    I order my DL DVD's through B&H in bulk because I never have luck finding them in the stores... I like the Verbatim +R printables... I've always had a good outcome with them so I never had the need to switch... This project is really killing me though...

    I ended up re-doing the project in DVD A again... Prepared and Viewed the Video_ts files and they were fine... The only difference in this video is that I did not use a video background as my menu... I used a PDF on both menus.

    I burned the video and EVERY chapter worked perfectly. Sooo.... I'm just making my copies through ImgBurn. Its burned 4 copies so far successfully...

    I decided to go back into this successful project and add one more avi file... a small one...I prepared it again... twice(to a different folder) and it doesnt work when I vieiw the video-ts folder... I dont NEED to have this extra file in there... but I would have liked to... so I can take it or leave it... At this point, I'm going to just be happy I have one good file to copy....

    Please keep the ideas coming, I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong... although I'm beginning to think its a software issue... I've been playing around with this stuff for 5 years now and this has to be the MOST frustrating issue yet...

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