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Thread: Most Professional Video Software output

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    Exclamation Most Professional Video Software output

    Currently working with Adobe Premier Elements 2 for video editing. But have searched the help sections and found that the highest quality output is avi, which isn't of a high enough quality really.

    Have i missed something or is this the best premier elements 2 has to offer?

    If so are there any recommendations on the Best, most Professional software for good quality output but without a large file size?



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    I think that maybe you should start by quoting yoru requirements.

    premiere elements is a home-user tool. Typically, the source for footage being editted with it are consumer camcorders. the best quality will come from these recording to miniDV tape. When captured this will result in an almost lossless AVI file. So for Elements to export to AVI as it;s best is at least equal quality to what it is expecting to start with and you can't really expect better than that can you?

    So then, where exactly are you going with this discussion. is it a file size vs compression vs quality question? Is it maybe a high def discussion? Or maybe an image bit-depth discussion? 4:2;2 vs the rest of the world?

    The bottom line is that to all intents and purposes AVI files are lossless. How much better than lossless do you want for a consumer package?

    If your resulting AVI image/sound quality is less than the captured files then your settings are likely wrong.

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    Maybe my settings are incorrect. I'm new to this and therefore mnay not be explaining myself very well. The input file is at hdv quality but the output, once the video has been edited and then output from premier to avi file is lets say you tube quality vid??

    I will check my settings though as you made a point that it could be that will check...


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    Where is it ultimately going. DVD or web?

    I'm not familiar with premiere Elements but if it;s anything like Premiere Pro there will be a number of export presets available.

    balancing quality against file size can be an art form for a final render. I tend to stick to the defaults available when I can.

    For web viewing you might consider starting at a Windows media preset running at about 1Kbps and see how you go.

    I'm not sure what the workflow is for DVD production in Elements so daren't advise on that.

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