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    The waiting is finally over...

    Click below to see the latest short from Halfway Pictures Ltd

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    Thought it was pretty good, nice work.

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    I liked it, It looks like you guys really worked hard on that. Great job.

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    Thanks mate! It was a grueling 8 weeks I must admit.

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    Really nice work!

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    Thanks... Means a lot to us that you've taken the time out to watch it!!!

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    That was great. It has real energy and style to it. An original concept with great music to help drive the narrative. I think the dialogue and acting was a bit clunky in parts and the constant drone of the police siren was overdone, but I really liked it. It's obvious that a great deal of time was put into it and it shows.

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    I'm afraid ur gonna have to blame me for the clunkiness of the dialogue, but I guess that's what comes of making it all up as you go along. Ha, ha. As for the acting, I am only willing to take the blame for a quarter of that. LOL.

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    Yeah if anyone knows of any good actors from the South Wales area who are willing to work for free, please let us know!

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    T'riffic, I really enjoyed that.

    A couple of (really tiny) points for the future... watch your framing (Yeah, I know it was supposed to be hand-held-panic but, even so) you "lost" the head out of the top of the frame too often. And watch your exposure when shooting against the light.

    Really, really nice work though!

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