Hi. New in the scene.

Basically, when I play dvd's I get too much brightness and bad colors. Same happen when I try to see .avi videos. (In these, I thought it was bad conversion, so I through them to .3gp with good results.)

I tried moving all resolutions, and color options. I noticed a little change when I go to move gamma, bright, color saturation. It could be possible to get normal quality, but this is not suppose to happen.
And when I default all options, the image is better. I mean, I move values, video image was crazy with all moves, then I declined/default all my changes and the image improved. Kind of weird.

Recently I formatted my PC. I got all my drivers, Windows updates, same with my video card (GeForce FX 5500) and windows media 11 (I suppose with all codecs)
Before format, I didn't have any problems. Well, thinking again, when I went to Windows media 10 from a previous version, it never let me play dvd's again. It told me about resolution change.
And again, never happened before (when I was in WM9).

This happens with Windows media, winamp, nero and divx player. I was suspicious with some software: Vista Inspirat 2 from Brisco Pack for WinXP, but I installed this soft after seeing this problem with a video I tried.

This only happens with dvd's and .avi's. Other formats play normal (3gp, mpg, .flv, online videos, etc.)

What should I do? What kind of soft do I need, or what to do with my PC.

Sorry for not posting a pic, but I don't know how to capture screen from a video playing.

Any help will be good.
Thanks in advance.