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    this has been annoying me for quite some time. ok i shall try to explain....

    i am wanting accept files from clients via my website to be stored on to my ftp, very much like the one used here on videoforums.

    please can someone help? i prosume i dont know the correct terms and as such cannot fine the info i am in search of.


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    i refuse to accept that no one on here knows how that can be done.

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    Contact Marc P by pm he'll know, he set up this site.

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    there's various way's this can be done, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Upload via FTP
    Pehaps the most direct way to upload files to a server is via FTP. The problem with this is that the user will need client side software and be given permission to access your server. whenever I've needed people to upload a large video, I've provided a download link to an FTP application and online instructions on its use. I then set up the individual with access to one area of the site only with limitations on waht they can access. So you have to be fairly savy with respect to creating user access rights for new users

    Upload via HTTP
    An alternate to FTP is to use a form within a webpage to upload a video. This is gnerally good for small files of up to 2MB, but not good for anything larger. PHP is generally configured on apache servers to have an upload limit of 2MB for example. There is also no ability to have a progress bar. There are however lots of scripts configured. Visit somewhere like hotscripts for example.

    I would use the FTP route if these are valued customers.

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    thank you very much indeed mark that has been a great help.

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