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    Default Problem editing on PC

    Hi, I recently bought Sony DCR PC 105E. Used it for recording my trip to Isle of Wight. Shot some excellent videos on it, but trouble is that I am unable to edit them on my PC. I am using a USB to transfer the video to PC and using the Sony ImageMixer (Pixela) software supplied with the camcorder. My queries are basically these:

    1. Does transferring from camcorder to PC via USB result in loss of video quality?

    2. Each time I go into the editing section, it doesnot give the thumbnail of the movie that I have transferred because all the time the file type that is displayed is "PartialMovie Files" and therefore no MPEG movies are shown. Where do I make changes for it to list MPEG files? Also, what the heck is this PartialMovie file and how to get rid of it??????


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    most of the time, u can only transfer stills via usb....

    have u tried firewire?
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    You can trasnfer video via USB. However this is at a signficant quality loss. If your final output medium is DVD or VHS tape then Firewire is the way to go.

    As for the Partial Movie problem, it looks as though there has been a problem when capturing the movie. I would suggest that you check there are no breaks in the timecode of your footage.

    Check out the post below for some discussion on Pixela software.
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