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    I've recently acquired Sony Vegas 7.0e, and have begun working with SD DV imported from my Canon S2 IS, (mjpg compression). I'm currently running a Dell I bought about 4 years ago, with only 256MB ram, 80 GB HDD, and other painfully dated specs.

    I'm looking to upgrade for the sole purpose of editing and rendering good quality video for YouTube... 320x240 30FPS, nothing TOO fancy..

    I'm reading about the ideal Dual-core Ram, which is pretty standard these days, but I've never heard of running a 40GB HDD with solely the OS and program files on it, and a separate 500 GB HDD for video and editing files... I'm pretty faithful to Dell but I don't see any way on the Dell site at least how I could arrange for this type of setup... they do offer multiple drive systems, i.e. 2x320GB.. could I theoretically use one for the OS and the other for the media files, even though it would be sort of a waste of a drive? this leads me to my question:

    Where do all of you purchase your computer upgrades? I'm not really looking to buy a shell of a system from someplace I've never heard of and then buy parts from newegg to install.. i'm not too fond of hardware installation.

    Any insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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    Yes that would work, I actually prefer it that way. Hers what I do.

    I have 3 drives but 2 will work. D1 os D2 capture drive Drive 3 render drive. in your case d1 will be os and capture d2 render..

    Why do I do this? When you render your footage on the same drive that has you raw capture footage your forcing your drive to both read and write, When you have 1 drive reading and the other writing you have quicker renders ( about 10-15% quicker) and less errors. 10-15% might not sound like much to you but when you doing it for a business it adds up.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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