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Thread: V-22 Osprey Video Doc - Back on DVD - 60 mins

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    Default V-22 Osprey Video Doc - Back on DVD - 60 mins

    yes i'm connected to this, uh, epic production.

    little did i know, 20 years ago, yes, 20, how far out in the future operational use of the V-22 would be when i titled this show "tiltrotor and the future" !

    well, this hour long film was the opening salvo on the battlefield of my so-called career.

    i was all of 23 when i landed the deal to make it and managed to get all rights back after 8 years, long since passed.

    so, with the US DoD talking about sending the V-22 into combat the time seemed right to re-release.

    it's just avail on DVD/NTSC right now (or download at the site) but there is a brief preview that's good and free. okay, it is free at least.

    so if you are having a hard time sleeping check out the preview - or better yet - get the DVD!

    tiltrotor and the future - the V-22 Osprey Video.

    uh, pimp ends. [Updated da pimping to change link to free version via a YouTube playlist.]
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