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Thread: a different kind of dream!

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    Default a different kind of dream!

    Frank Sinatra - \"Thats Life, Biatch\"

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    Always good to see fresh ideas

    On a more "Marc is being arsy" level, I 'd have liked to have seen tighter integration between the room scene, dream, and subsequent skating... it does seem to cut a bit too much...

    But then I've always got something to moan about. (Like coming into work when it's a scorcher outside.)

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    me likes!

    wut cam u use?
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    definitely not my GL2... it quit recording audio last week and so its in the shop for now... so i borrow my friends camera for a day, its an old crappy Sony TRV hi8... but i wanted to make a little short, so i deeeeed. haha
    Frank Sinatra - \"Thats Life, Biatch\"

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