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Thread: HDV or XDCAM HD

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    Default HDV or XDCAM HD

    I've been doing a lot of research on high definition formats lately and the majority of what I can find on the internet is marketing based.

    One place in particular I found "marketing based" information relating to XDCAM HD. It stated that HDV has been agreed on as not a good enough recording format for broadcast. XDCAM HD being based on similar mpeg technology with higher bit rates does make it into broadcast acceptance levels.

    It's all totally understandable until I find that XDCAM HD can record at 18, 25 and 35Mbps. 18 of course being lower than HDV's 25.

    Does anyone know anything about this, or where I could perhaps find more? I can't seem to find anything else similar.

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    If anyone is curious I just stumbled across this:

    XDCAM HD has been approved by Discovery HD as a full 100 per cent acquisition format (in 35Mbps high-quality mode). At the end of some intense and in-depth testing, which included shooting, editing, compressing and de-compressing, checking monitors, waveforms and goodness knows what else, Discovery HD finally approved XDCAM HD as an acceptable HD format for the Discovery HD Channel.

    XDCAM came up to their very high standards. By full 100 per cent acquisition, I mean you can shoot a documentary for Discovery HD channel entirely on an XDCAM HD camcorder alone, as it meets their HD format quality standards. Other formats/camcorders do not get full acquisition approval from Discovery HD, these include HDV and solid state recording, which can only be used for 15 per cent of the entire programmeís duration and never for more than 60 seconds shown at any one time.

    In other words, the majority (85 per cent) of the programme must be shot on a higher professional format such as XDCAM HD or HDCAM. So there it is, you simply canít pass a higher, more qualified bunch of judges than the Discovery HD guys. If they approve it, it is a world-class camera that produces HD broadcast quality images.

    I'm still curious to hear more if anyone knows or finds anything.


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    Here's some interesting (non marketing based) material I found related to this.


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    I'd be curious to learn what the BBC's standard is or will be. I heard that when the Sony HVR-Z1E came out the Beeb were buying them by the shed load.

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    There's a coincidence, I just stumbled accross this before coming to read your reply.

    It sees the BBC consider HDV from all manufacturers to be standard definition (2.1) that may only make up a maximum of 25% of program content (1.2). Even then it's only when up converted using equipment that is beyond my knowlege (1.3).

    I can only imagine it would be cheaper to buy a true hd camera than this equipment and a top of the line HDV camera.

    Perhaps the BBC using many Z1's and few of whatever this equipment is makes it worthwhile and convenient for certain, less than 25%, content stuff.

    According to their video standards (3.1) xdcam hd doesn't make their standards.

    It may be they haven't tested or completed testing yet.



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