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    I've recorded many digital videos using a sony DCR-TRV530 video camera. The videos play back great watching on a television. Now I'm trying to do a digital video transfer to my PC.

    The camera has a jack labeled DV and/or iLink. iLink is used with the ieee 1394 board. the end of the cable has a small rectangular plug that looks like one of the long sides has been crimped. THe end that plugs into the 1394 board is in face It's 5 SIDED it is (graphically speakding) a rectangular in shape with one of the short ends having a peak somewhat like /\.

    I've tried several different video tapes. I've tried using Roxio videoware, MAGIX movie edit and also the Windows media
    All three software packages seem to record from the camera at the wrong speed and when you view the PC copy it's in fast motion, approximately in double speed it looks like.

    Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Most camaras come with software, did yours? firewire is the best way to go, so thats all good. Make sure every thing is updated, video cards, windows, drivers ec.... Also down load "G Spot" is a codec recongnition software and its free. Try that then post back

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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