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Thread: Dream effect / transition?

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    Lightbulb Dream effect / transition?


    I'm trying to create a dream sequence in which a close-up shot of someone sleeping changes to another shot that is their dream. The effect I'm aiming for is
    1) a transition that 'wobbles' the sides of the screen changing the sleep shot to dream shot
    2) some sort of glow / blur around the sides of the frame to show clearly that the dream shot is not reality

    I know there are preset effects for this in packages such as Pinnacle, but I'm using Vegas 7 now and don't seem to be able to find a build-in preset.

    Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated!


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    You could use something similar to this to create the ripple effect

    Climb to Higher Ground Using Height Maps in Vegas 4.0

    This tutorial is for Vegas 4, but you can achieve the same result in newer versions of course. The tutorial also aims for something a bit different, but you can use different parenting options and masking options to only make the sides wobble I think.

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    For the transition you could play with "Transitions - Dreaming" then play with the settings.
    For the blur, select "Event FX - Radial Blur" again play with this. Try the Proportional setting.
    For a glow you could use "Sony Glow - White Soft Glow" again play with the settings, I would suggest a very soft glow.

    If you used both these FX's together you can create nice looks.

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    thanks, i'll give these ideas a try

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiW View Post
    thanks, i'll give these ideas a try
    Please don;t forget the AUDIO! Try giving it some echo and then REVERSING it!! Maybe with some "dolphin-ears" like when you surface too quickly from a deepish dive? Take some of the dialogue and echo it overlay with reversing it too!

    90% of VIDEO is AUDIO!! My quote! And I'm gonna stay with it!

    Think about it: An excellent piece of footage is ruined by BAD/uninspiring audio. Whereas an "average" piece of footage can be made spectacular by attention to that bland audio track.

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