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Thread: Dream effect / transition?

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    Lightbulb Dream effect / transition?


    I'm trying to create a dream sequence in which a close-up shot of someone sleeping changes to another shot that is their dream. The effect I'm aiming for is
    1) a transition that 'wobbles' the sides of the screen changing the sleep shot to dream shot
    2) some sort of glow / blur around the sides of the frame to show clearly that the dream shot is not reality

    I know there are preset effects for this in packages such as Pinnacle, but I'm using Vegas 7 now and don't seem to be able to find a build-in preset.

    Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated!


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    You could use something similar to this to create the ripple effect

    Climb to Higher Ground* Using Height Maps in Vegas 4.0

    This tutorial is for Vegas 4, but you can achieve the same result in newer versions of course. The tutorial also aims for something a bit different, but you can use different parenting options and masking options to only make the sides wobble I think.

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    For the transition you could play with "Transitions - Dreaming" then play with the settings.
    For the blur, select "Event FX - Radial Blur" again play with this. Try the Proportional setting.
    For a glow you could use "Sony Glow - White Soft Glow" again play with the settings, I would suggest a very soft glow.

    If you used both these FX's together you can create nice looks.

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    thanks, i'll give these ideas a try

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiW View Post
    thanks, i'll give these ideas a try
    Please don;t forget the AUDIO! Try giving it some echo and then REVERSING it!! Maybe with some "dolphin-ears" like when you surface too quickly from a deepish dive? Take some of the dialogue and echo it overlay with reversing it too!

    90% of VIDEO is AUDIO!! My quote! And I'm gonna stay with it!

    Think about it: An excellent piece of footage is ruined by BAD/uninspiring audio. Whereas an "average" piece of footage can be made spectacular by attention to that bland audio track.

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