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Thread: Problems importing large video

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    Default Problems importing large video


    I have two large avi files (DV quality) of each 80 Gb. They each contain +/- 6 hours of material. I can import 1 easily in Abobe Premiere Pro. The other one can't be imported.

    Both can be played by all of the standard players without problems.

    Even if I start a new session in APP i still can't import the file.

    Can somebody help me?

    Thanks in advance!


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    How comes you've ended up with such big files? Especially as one DV tapes would be typically 1 hour : I' wouldn't recommend such big files!

    Anyways, are there any specific error messages on import?
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    No there are no errors, it says: "Importing video..." keeps saying that for days... doesn't change.

    The videos are from a party, i had to record non-stop... so i bought two 160Gb external HDs.

    Now i need to make a DVD an i have to import both of the files to be able to edit them.

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    I'd have to agree with Marc here. You'll need to slice them up before you can use them likely as not.

    You never mentioned your PC spec at all. What is your full system spec? Also, what version of Premiere are you using?

    I'm curious though. If you knew you would need to edit them, why did you think you needed to record non-stop?

    And to make sure I understand the problem properly. Is it the case that one particular AVI can always be imported and the other cannot (i.e. file1.avi is ok but never file2.avi) or that you can always import one but not both at the same time? If the latter, then use Premiere to 'slice them up' one at a time, exporting back to DV-AVI and then start editing 'proper' from there.

    I'm not aware of any file size limits for Premiere. Anyone know any different? Then again I've never created a single file greater than the capture of a 1 hour Mini-DV. Possibly give Adobe a call to make sure there are no file size limitations.

    Other than that you might have to use soem third party s/w to do the slicing. TMPGenc????

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    I have 2.6Ghz processor, 1Gb Ram, 128Mb Video Card and about 100 gig of HD free. The OS is Windows XP pro

    I work with Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0.

    indeed, vid1.avi can always be opened, vid2.avi cant be opened in APP.

    I tested a few players and only Media Player can play the file. Winamp opens the file, give the right time but only plays 1 sec.

    I can edit the movie in Movie Maker but that only gives 1 track to work with.

    I have searched the tutorials and help files in APP and I found that the program can work with up to 24 hours of video.


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    A) can you import the video into a completely new project

    B) have you set the scratch disk as the internal as opposed to the external drive?
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    A) no i can't, i've tried a few times but the program keeps importing (last time i let it do for three days but it makes no progress at all)

    B) since it works with the vid1.avi i didn't think i had to change anything to the scratchdisks prior to importing vid2.avi

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    I hate to suggest this but as you can consistently import the first file but not the second it does sound rather like the second file has got corrupted somehow.

    As an exercise, any app that will open it, export a portion of it as an avi file if possible and see if Premiere can import that.

    Hmm, movie maker opens it ok you said. What can that export to? Export a small chunk to a lossless file format that Premiere will open. Repeat for different clips until you have the whole file.

    On another note. You have 12 hours of footage, what are you attempting to edit it down to? A single DVD of about two hours?

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    I have tried to export a small piece but that too can't be imported by APP.

    In the end I hope to make a DVD of about 1,5 hours

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    i made a small piece of about 5 sec, which is about 22 Mb. does anyone have a ftp server where i can upload it?

    so you can see if it is a problem related to my system or not... because i have no more inspiration...

    tnanks for trying to help me out

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