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Thread: The Euro 2004 Thread - (or are you West Ham in diguise)

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    Default The Euro 2004 Thread - (or are you West Ham in diguise)

    I tried to tell them. I was shouting very loudly. Proclomations of a fine England win were premature. A lunging heskey tackle and a crazy passback from the halfway later and England are faced with an uphill struggle...

    ...we wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Typical stuff though eh?

    btw, shouldn't this be in the 'After Effects' forum?

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    Or maybe the Pinnacle forum. Looks good on paper, never works in practice.

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    It's the missed penaltyy tha done it all.

    The most lousy penalty I've seen in ages. The lastg thing you ever do is make sure the ball crosses the line at waist height. Cos the keeper will always be able to get it if he moves the right way. Got to be high or low.

    DB should be taken out and publicly pissed upon!

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    ...and classic commentary moment: Arsenal have made a substitution... Pires for Wiltord. No, sorry, that's France. Hmm, sums up the Premiership really.

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    It was the commentator's fault, he was just saying of the French coach, 'Poor Santini, every Premiership ground he visits next season, all he will hear is One-Nil, One-Nil ...'

    Although if you take off the Rose (and tricolour) tinted glasses, the brutal truth is that neither side created much in the way of clear cut chances.

    A draw would have been the right result!
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    Well your doing better than the Dutch :( :( :(

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    See, never write off the Germans...

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    ...and how on earth did Holland manage to lose their match???

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    ...and how was "that" goal not allowed? :-(

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