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    I am a young, up-and-coming digital video editor, who also has other skills that I can bring to the table and I've been thinking recently about how much i would start charging for certain tasks seeing as i've finished uni now & trying to forge some opportunities and i'm kinda worried about setting prices too high or too low and that sorta stuff.

    I'm wondering what i should be charging as I want to figure out a basic rate based on my experience for tasks such as;

    Camera work/filming (christenings, weddings, music videos, coporate videos etc...)

    Editing (same kinda things as above plus stuff like showreels)

    Full DVD Authoring (menus, motion & static, arranging the footage, per page etc…)

    General Photoshop work like collages, picture montages & flyers and that sorta stuff.

    Not trying to advertise myself, but my website (gallery page for my still image work), and have examples of the level I am working at right now, and below is a link to my CV to make any replies more focused and hopefully easier -

    Would someone/anyone be able to help me with breaking down exact/estimated figures I should be charging for each one please???

    Thanx for reading and I eagerly await feedback & replies

    Liam Angell
    (LJA Productions)

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    I am no pro, just a film student and obessed film maker, so my comments are not that well informed.

    Your web site looks personal not professional.
    Posting vids via you tube will not impress and the quality is poor - get some web space.

    I love you film making skills, you are far better than just an editor / videographer - aim higher.

    'Menace To Society: Influence Of Gangster Rap ' is bloody brilliant and I think you should post it in user vids section for more to see and feedback, A provocative informative micro documentary that is very well crafted.

    As for rates - no idea really.

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    Well, Like Mark stated, it hard to say what you should get paid. I live in Washington state close it Olympia and charge $35/hr while in Seattle they get $80-$150/ hr 1 guy in Seattle gets close to $8000 for a wedding. So the location plays a lot in pricing. There are a few rules I go by, (for weddings) don't give a price over the phone get them to come to you, Chances are they are price shopping and you want them to see your work, When giving a est. ask them what they want to spend, then tell them what you offer for that price. Don't have "packages" because they will ask to drop certain things and add others ec... Package deals are just a pain ( for me any way)

    Like Mark said drop the youtube thing, Bandwith is pretty cheep right now you should be able to find a deal.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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